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iMishna for the iPad is Coming...

Posted by Team iMishna , 7 years ago in News, General Faxing News


We just wanted to let you know that we are are finally about to submit the iMishna - iPad Edition app. It includes all of the features and stunning graphics that have made iTalmud for the iPad one of our most popular apps, plus it has some amazing new features:

1. Full Commentaries of Bartenura & Tosfos Yom Tov, viewable in either interlinear mode of Dual-View modes.

2. English can also be seen in either the interlinear mode of Dual-View modes, so you can see the Hebrew text and english texts simultaneously.

For both English and Commentaires, scrolling the Hebrew text will automatically adjust the position of the secondary text.

There is a lot more of exciting new features to report, but in the meantime, here are some screenshots to wet your appetite. (embedded below)

Stay tuned and please contact us with any questions or suggestions....


PS Oh, and unfortunately this will not be available as a free update for owners of the iPhone app. This is a totally new product, built from the ground up with new features and graphics, specifically for the iPad.


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Some more details...

We have been asked to provide some more details about the upcoming iTalmud iPad Edition update....Read More


Thanks for your partipicipation. You're almost done.

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