Jewish Cal

Jewish Cal is the most comprehensive Jewish and Hebrew calendar ever produced. Here are just some of the features included:

Events: See Jewish & Israeli events and holidays in a Secular (Gregorian), Jewish or Hebrew calendar view. Includes the Sefiras Ha'omer count.

You can even add your own events such as a Yahrzeit, birthday or anniversary, all with detailed customization options.

A built in siddur helps you daven/pray anytime, anywhere. Auto-Scroll technology makes use of the iPhone's accelerometer to browse through a prayer without having to lose concentration by constantly touching or tapping the screen.

Jewish Cal keeps things clean and simple by displaying only the appropriate prayers at the requested time of day (based the Halachic times, or Zmanim). For example, in the nighttime hours only Ma'ariv and Bedtime Shema are promoted.

There is also an integrated Minyan Finder with the most complete minyan database available, powered by our friends at Click on an address and get turn-by-turn, GPS -powered driving directions to the requested minyan.

NOTE: Currently Siddur texts are only available for nusach Ashkenaz. English translations are also very limited at this time. We will be adding more siddur content and will be updated upon application launch.

Just like with other parts of the app, Jewish Cal simplifies Torah content also, by only displaying the relevant Jewish study material for the specific day requested.

All Talmud, Mishna and Torah/Chumash content include a comprehensive English translation.

Jewish Cal syncs to Google Calendar and therefore to Outlook or iCal. All you need is a Google account to stay in sync.

Get the weather and the week's forecast in your local area. Choose your location by GPS or enter any worldwide city manually from the Settings page.


Jewish Cal is the most comprehensive Jewish calendar luach ever created.

Only the most relevant content for your specific location, time and date are displayed. This keeps things simple and useful.

A simple and easy to use calendar with built-in Jewish events and the ability to add your own. Add your own Birthday, Anniversary or Yartzheit events, and they are automatically inserted on the correct annual hebrew and english dates.

An intelligent Siddur shows only the prayers relevant for your specific time and place. Auto-Scroll uses your iPhone's accelerometer to help maintain your concentration.

Times/Zmanim are included so that you know when to pray. An GPS-powered Minyan Finder is included so that you know where to pray.

Jewish daily learning texts are all fully integrated - Daf Yomi, Mishna Yomi and Weekly Parsha.

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