Mobile Gym is Here!

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"A virtual free weight to burn calories and tone muscle!" - International Business Times

 "...turns the iPhone into a mobile gym!" - Revolution Magazine


This is the easy way to burn calories or tone muscle by using your iPhone/iPod like a free-weight.

Simply curl your iPhone up and down like you would a weight and watch the calories drop in real time.


* Weight loss mode allows you to set the weight loss target. Then just keep doing those reps until your goal is achieved.

* Game mode mixes things up to keep your workout exciting and challenging.

* Real-time rep counter, calorie burn rate and history.

* Motivational audio message from your personal trainer.

* Work out to your own iPod music.

* Rep notification by phone vibrate or sound alert.

You may be skeptical at first, but once you try it you won't believe it!

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