What is HIPAA and What Does It Mean for mobile Faxing and internet faxing?

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HIPAA is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which had sets its standard for protecting private and confidential data. Every internet faxing companies must be HIPAA compliant and have rules and policies to have an access to its workstations and other devices.

Let’s dig deeper and understand how HIPAA is needed for mobile faxing.  iFax is the world’s popular and well known online faxing platform and it is trusted and it has given safe and best services across the world transferring sensitive documents for industries such as healthcare and financial services.

As per the federal regulations and other acts there is this HIPAA policies applied to the web faxing services for safety purpose.

With iFax HIPAA Compliance, you can:

  • You can ensure your faxing complies with HIPAA, SOX and GLBA
  • Fulfilling the complex federal regulation guidelines for secure data transfer, tracking and storage
  • It improves the security of your business faxes using encrypted data transfer over your paper-based fax infrastructure
  • With individual faxing number, now it’s easy to identify and report fax usage.

Let’s take a quick summarized look for the Benefits of iFax

  • Fax it without machine through mobile faxing app
  • Faxing can be done at your own convenience
  • Get your customized signature through digitization
  • Make unlimited faxing through faxing number
  • Safe and secure way of faxing.

Moreover, it’s now HIPAA compliant faxing which is said to be the most secure way of faxing through encrypted data transfer and following the federal rules for the healthcare and finance areas. it is reliable and easy to use with lot more features in it. What to wait for get your device type app today. There are app available in Mobile Fax app for Android, Mobile fax for iOS, Mobile fax app for Windows. Download it, use it and share your feedback.

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