iMishna iPad Edition


iMishna takes advantage of the iPad display and offers stunning high-definition graphics and interfaces to make learning the Mishna an even more pleasurable experience in both portrait and landscape modes.



iMishna includes a comprehensive English translation. Thousands of hyperlinked footnotes have also been included for more detailed explanation. Most Masechtas have an English translation and we will continue to add more with future free updates. The English can be viewed in a seperate window (Dual-View Mode) or in an interlinear format.



iMishna includes the hebrew commentaries of the Tosfos Yom Tov and Bartenura. Just like the English translation, commentaries can be viewed in a seperate window (Dual-View Mode) or in an interlinear format.



iMishna features audio lectures for every Mishna that can be added or removed from the built-in Download Manager. Lectures are given by Rabbi Rabbi Chaim Brown. You can even turn on an audio lecture and follow along inside the text while the audio plays in the background!


A stunning interface and page turning animations!

Dual-View synchronized viewing mode allows you to read the main text along with the English translation or commentary of Bartenura or Tosfos Yom Tov.

Customizable views, options and layouts.

Interlinar mode for viewing English translation and commentaries of Bartenura or Tosfos Yom Tov.

Landscape mode included. Browse, navigate & search quickly and easily. Just touch to see the Mishna Yomi.

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