iMishna is an amazing Torah application that weaves a comprehensive English translation. Thousands of hyperlinked footnotes have also been included for more detailed explanation. Most Masechtas have this feature and we will continue to add more with future free updates.


The commentaries of both Bartenura and Tosfos Yom Tov have been included in iMishna, using hyperlinks from the main text for easy, 1-touch access.


iMishna features audio lectures for every Mishna that can be added or removed from the built-in Download Manager. Lectures are given by Rabbi Rabbi Chaim Brown.


There is a built-in Mishna Yomi calculator that allows you to see the day's Mishna with just one touch. Follow the cycle and complete every Mishna in just 6 years. iMishna makes the process portable and easy.


Use the built-in Hebrew keyboard to search for anything within the 1000s of pages of iMishna. The results will be highlighted for easy access.


The most beautiful way to learn Mishna.

iMishna features a comprehensive and integrated English translation (most of Shas included so far).

iMishna includes many browsing options, keyword search and easy access to the daily Mishna of Mishna Yomi cycle.

English translation features footnotes, references and additional explanations. Commentaries of Bartunra and Tosfos Yom Tov are fully integrated with hyperlinks in the Mishna text.

View the Mishna from any angle or position. Keyword searching shows highlighted terms for easy location.

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